Hygiene products

Disposal gloves

#882"Nitrist touch" (without powder)

#883"Nitrist touch" (without powder)

#120"Vinyl non powder"

#200"Nitrile standard"

#310"Latex standard" (with powder)

#400"Polyethylene Emboss"

Disposal hair cap

FT-900Nonwoven fabric hair cap 10 pieces

"Prowork hair cap" 100 pieces

Disposal mask

FT-901nonwoven fabric mask

FT-905nonwoven fabric three dimensional mask

#1000Light mask 2PLY 50 pieces

#1100Light E mask 2PLY 50 pieces

#2820nonwoven fabric mask 100 pieces

#2822nonwoven fabric mask overhead 100 pieces

Disposal parka

FT-920Nonwoven fabric parka

Disposal pants

FT-925Nonwoven fabric pants

Disposal jumpsuit

FT-950Nonwoven fabric jumpsuit

P3030"Barrier man"

PT-2"Pro tool 2"

P1410"Pro tool SMS"

Disposal Apron

FT-903Nonwoven fabric apron 2 pairs

Disposal arm cover

FT-902Nonwoven arm cover 6 pieces

Disposal shoe cover

FT-904Nonwoven fabric shoe cover 6 pieces

Kitchen shoes


Oil proof boots

JW-707oil proof boots

JW-708Oil proof boots long

* We also have more goods in addition to the above-mentioned products.