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Company philosophy

Building the trade network with the world!

We are offering the solutions for a reliable work style by offering the various products, the strong staffs and full service.

Any work has a different purpose and style for everyone. We, Aoi Works Co. Ltd, always hopes that all customers are satisfied and happy with their all kinds of work.

During and after wartime where all the supplies were short, Aoi Works Co., Ltd has established to make and sell the work gloves which were necessities for everyone to work and we expanded to sales trading company with the change of the time. Now, we are not only handling the domestic products but also involving in planning, developing and trading and selling to meet the customers' various needs.

We prepare many different kinds of gloves, mainly work gloves to meet the customer's needs and work style.

Furthermore, we locate the talented and trusted sales people with great product knowledge for giving the necessary advise to the clients.

Aoi Works Co., ltd hopes to be your best adviser continuously for the work products.

Company profile

Because of the clients’ great support, we have established our business since 90 years ago.We will continuously adapt the change of times and of course, will do our best to meet our clients’ needs.

Trade name AOI WORKS
CEO Mr. Masayuki Aoi
Head office 070-0031 Hidari 9, 13-chome, 1-jo, Asahikawa city, Hokkaido
Establishment 1923 year
Business contents Wholesale business for work products
・Various kinds of cotton work gloves
・Work gloves (processing gloves, leather gloves etc.)
・Rain suits for working, parka
・Safety working shoes, boots
・Working socks
・Dust cloth
Bank Account NorthPacific Bank, Taisetsudori branch
The Hokuriku Bank, Asahikawa branch
Mizuho Bank, Asahikawa branch
Asahikawa Shinkin Bank, Ginza branch