Security products

Safety vest

AO-130Reflexing vest

AO-140Reflexing vest

AO-150Reflexing vest

S-01Flash vest

S-02Flash vest

S-04Flash vest

KA-440Safety vest, switching system

KA-460Safety vest, switching system

KA-630Reflexing vest, cord style

KA-640Reflexing vest, cord style

Night leader

NL-103"Night leader"

Safety shoes

JW-750safety shoes with short string

JW-755safety shoes with hook-and-loop fasteners

JW-760safety shoes high cut

JW-775safety half boots with hook-and-loop fasteners

JW-777safety half boots (with steel sheet for preventing a step)

KW-251safety shoes KIWI

KW-321safety shoes KIWI

KW-721safety shoes KIWI

EM-321safety shoes EMU

FIS33Lsafety shoes "Win job" 33L

FIS33Lsafety shoes "Win job" 33L

FIS41Lsafety shoes "Win job" 41L

FIS41Lsafety shoes "Win job" 41L

Special gloves

HG-05"kevlar 7G"

HG-07"kevlar 10G"

#540"Kemister palm"

#521"Kemister wire fit"

HG-70"Spectra 10G"

Chain gloves

"Sharps master Ⅱ"

"Hercules" 400R6E

#5000Dailove (solvent use-resistant)

A95Dailove (aciduric alkali use-resistant)

#300Dailove (static electricity use)

#5000-55Dailove (Solvent use-resistant)

#3000Dailove (static electricity use)

#20Dailove (solvent use-resistant)

#301HDailove (protection against cold)

H-200Dailove (heat resistance use)

#43-116Mercury (heat resistance use)

Aluminum gloves for heat resistance, 5 fingers 35cm

"I saver" (cold resistance use)

#1122Gloves for protection against vibration "Shingenkun pro"

#1120Gloves for protection against vibration "Shingenkun"

VB-3Leather gloves for protection against vibration

* We also have more goods in addition to the above-mentioned products.